Google Fonts JSON file does not found

If you see "Google Fonts JSON file does not found" error on your site frontend or backend after theme installation check that:

  1. You uploaded all theme files correctly (especially if you uploaded theme by FTP).
  2. Check that /wp-content/themes/YOUR-THEME-FOLDER/iPanel/classes/googlefonts.json file exist and it have correct permissions for PHP access (PHP should be able to open and read this file). If you not sure what permissions is correct for server read/open you need to ask your hosting support for help because this settings depends on server configuration.
  3. file_get_contents() function in PHP enabled and allowed to use on your server to read local files via PHP. Ask your hosting support for help with this.
  4. File open/write functions enabled and allowed in PHP on your server. WordPress use WP_Filesystem() function to read Google Fonts file. Your hosting may not allow something used in this default WordPress function if you have issues with Google Fonts file in theme. Ask your hosting support for help with this.
  5. allow_url_open value in PHP ini set to true.
  6. Your server has not a firewall rule preventing scripts from getting the contents of arbitrary urls.
  7. Open wp-config.php file in your WordPress folder on FTP with text/code file editor and add at the end:
    define( 'FS_METHOD', 'direct' );

If nothing help:

  1. Open /iPanel/classes/ipanel.class.php file in theme folder and search for this line of code:

    $google_fonts_data = $wp_filesystem->get_contents(get_template_directory() . '/iPanel/classes/googlefonts.json');

    REPLACE it with this line of code:

    $google_fonts_data = file_get_contents(realpath(dirname(__FILE__)).'/googlefonts.json');
  2. Check this screenshot to make sure you change code in correct place: