WordPress/WooCommerce emails does not send to users (registration data, orders details, etc)

One of the most commonly asked questions on WPBeginner is how to fix WordPress not sending email problem. Many of our beginner level users ask us why their Gravity Forms is not sending emails, or why they are not seeing any WordPress notifications. In this article, we will show you how to fix WordPress not sending email issue.

Why You Are not Getting Emails from Your WordPress Site

The most common reason for this is that your WordPress hosting server is not configured to use PHP mail() function.

Another reason is that many email service providers use a variety of tools to reduce email spam. These tools often try to detect that an email is originating from the location it claims to be originating from. Sometimes the email is sent out by WordPress, but it never even makes into spam folder of the destination. This is why we recommend not using WordPress to send your email newsletter.

Sending Your WordPress Emails Using Mandrill

Mandrill is an email delivery system brought to you by the folks behind the popular MailChimp email service provider. Mandrill is a dedicated email service provider, so they spend a lot of money and time on making sure that your email reaches its destination. Using Mandrill, you can send your emails using Mandrill’s servers located all over the world.

Mandrill is free to use for sending up to 12,000 emails per month. This is quite sufficient if you run a small blog. Their pricing plan depends on how many emails you send per month, and it is very cheap (starting from $0.20 per thousand emails).

Configuring Mandrill with WordPress is super easy. First you need to install and activate the wpMandrill plugin. Upon activation, go to Settings » Mandrill to configure the plugin. You will be asked to provide your Mandrill API Key.

To obtain your API key, visit Mandrill website and sign up for your free account. After logging into your Mandrill Dashboard, you need to go to Settings page and click on the + New API Key button.

Mandrill will create an API key for you. Copy and paste this API key on the plugin’s settings page under your WordPress admin area.

After entering your API key, Mandrill will ask you to provide sender name and a valid sender email address. Click on save changes button after entering this information.

That’s all, your WordPress website is now configured to use Mandrill for all outgoing email.

Sending WordPress Email Using Gmail SMTP Servers

Another alternative to send your WordPress emails is using Gmail SMTP servers. You can use any regular Gmail account with this method to send out your emails. However, your email deliverability will be much better if you are using Google Apps on that particular domain name.

Most email service providers check whether or not an email is originating from the same location it claims to be originating from. When you are using a regular Gmail account, those emails are not originating from gmail servers, and this may affect their deliverability.

To use Gmail SMTP Servers for your WordPress emails, simply install and activate the WP Mail SMTP plugin. Upon activation, go to Settings » Email to configure the plugin.

First you need to provide a sender email address and name. This should be a valid email address configured to be used with Google Apps. Make sure that ‘Send all WordPress emails via SMTP’ option is checked.

After that you need to provide your Gmail SMTP server address, port, and login credentials.

That’s all, save your changes and use the test email form at the bottom of settings page to test your email settings.

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