Theme Control Panel does not save colors, fonts, styles changes or other settings that I set.

Something wrong with your server configuration. 

First of all check that:

  1. css and js directories in theme folder have correct writing permissions for your server (usually chmod 0777 or 0755) and server user have permission to write to this folders. 
  2. If you use child theme make sure your have css and js folders inside it, and you set correct write permissions for this folders from step #1.
  3. If you change colors you should select "Use predefined colors below" dropdown first (colors will not change if you selected some predefined theme color schema).
  4. Open wp-config.php file in your WordPress folder on FTP with text/code file editor and add at the end:
    define( 'FS_METHOD', 'direct' );

After you save theme admin panel changes (for example colors) you should see two files generated by theme (css/css-skin.css and js/js.skin.js files). If you does not see this files in css and js folders your server can't write files to this files because of incorrect permissions or user/group rules. You need to set correct permissions and user access to css and js folders in theme folder. If you does not know how to do this correctly you need to contact your server/hosting support for help.

Also make sure that:

  • Your WordPress user have permissions (administrator user role) to make changes in admin panel settings.
  • Your MySQL database user for WordPress installation have write access to database.
  • You does not have some cache/minify plugins activated that can cache all your styles and does not show you any changes.
  • If you use WordPress Managed hosting service (in Godaddy, Bluehost or other hosting) your site files can be cached and you will not see colors/css changes only after several minutes (15-30 minutes) because your hosting cache all files stored by theme. You need to contact your hosting support in this case.
  • If you use DNS through CloudFlare feature in your WordPress it will cache your files and you will not see changes immediately.

If nothing help here and you still can't save any changes in admin panel you need to contact your hosting support and ask why your WordPress dashboard can't save changes to database, because this is hosting technical issue that does not have any relations to theme.